Dog Services

Our Award Winning Groomers work with you to provide the services you request.




shampoo, blueberry facial, blow-dry, brush out, ear cleaning**, nail trim, and finishing spray.

Bath and Trim
above plus trimming around the feet, butt, and face.  We do not take length off the body with a “trim.”  It is simply used to clean up the scraggly bits.

Full Groom aka Haircut
all of the above plus haircut. We offer AKC specific haircuts or we can get more creative in styling.

This is done for specific breeds of wire-haired dogs.  The process pulls out the coat instead of cutting it.  We charge $65 an hour for this service.  A well-maintained hand-strip will obviously take less time than a coat that is fully blown.

*Cost is dependent upon a variety of factors; most importantly size, coat type, and coat condition. Up until the point that we see the dog, all quotes are estimates and must be treated as such.
**Ear plucking is done for dogs above 6 months of age and when the ears are not already infected.  Having consulted with local vets, we prefer for puppies to have their first ear plucking experience at the vet so if any issues arise the vet can properly care for them.  If your dog is more than 6 months and you do not wish to have your dogs ears plucked, please let us know when you drop off for your appointment.  


We use Natures Specialties Shampoos in addition to Bio-Groom Specialty Shampoos, Tropiclean Spa Facial Scrub and Paw Exfoliant, and Espree Drying Spray – purely gentle formulas with highly professional results.

“Dirty Dog” ShampooNature’s Specialties
It cuts through grease without stripping the natural oils from your pet’s coat. It also texturizes and will leave your pet with a show quality coat and a naturally fresh clean scent. This product is safe to use on puppies, kittens and other small animals.

Colloidal Oatmeal ShampooNature’s Specialties
This amazing shampoo is used to help relieve the itching and discomfort associated with dry flaky skin from weather changes or just simply the dryness from being indoors.  It will also help protect the coat from some of the damage and breakage due to matting.  Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old and may be used on other small animals.

Almond Crisp ShampooNature’s Specialties
Adds texture and volume to both soft and harsh coats.

Hypo-allergenic – Bio-Groom
For extremely sensitive skin, fragrance and soap free.

Blueberry FacialTropiclean Spa
The TropiClean Spa Lavish Facial Cleanser & Tear Stain Remover Pet Shampoo is designed to help gently and comfortably remove staining from your dog’s eyes and beard.

DeZolve – EZ Groom
This amazing shampoo cuts through even the worst grease and oil, usually with only one application, yet it is extremely gentle to the skin.  This is also an important part of our skunk recipe.

Extra Specialty Shampoos:

MedicatedTropiclean Oxymed $5-$10 extra depending on size and skin irritation level
For skin disorders causing biting & chewing

Flea & TickBio Groom $10 – $20 extra depending on size and infestation level
All natural shampoo that kills the bugs and relieves the itch.

Skunk Bath $10 – $20 extra depending on size and locations of skunk stink
Please do not bathe your dog at home if you can help it. Skunk spray is an oil and when the coat gets wet, the hair follicles open up and absorb the spray. We use a dry treatment to neutralize the oil first, and then an additional skunk bath.

Exfoliating Paw ScrubTropiclean Spa – $5 extra
Essential vitamins and ultra-soothing oatmeal restore and renew cracked, damaged, or dry pads and warming vanilla leaves them feeling refreshed.


Crags & Crannies – $5
We clean the wrinkles of your squish faced friend with an anti-bacterial clanser and then apply an emu oil with ant-fungal and moisturizing properties.  It’s a lovely way to keep the face fresh.

Heavenly White – price ranges $5-$15
Using an actived enzyme whitening shampoo, we can make your white friend look even whiter.

Hot Oil Package – price ranges $5-$30
This package is designed to restore and rejuvinate your pet’s coat. In addition to the hot oil treatment, your dog will be wrapped in a warm towel with aromatherapy oils to help soothe and relax him/her. It really is a day at the spa!

Mud Bath Package – price ranges $10-$40
This package is designed to help soothe and pamper dogs with itchy or sensitive skin. The mud helps nourish and hydrate skin and all mud baths also come with a warm towel and aromatherapy.


Upgrade Services – (we always charge extra for these)

* Teeth Brushing $10
* Dremeling (nail filing) $10
* Flea Treatment  $8 (Natural Defense Drops – see our products page)
* Nail Painting $20
* Dye Jobs – $20 for first section, $5 for each additional section
common bits to be dyed are mohawks, ears, tails, and paws

Individual Services – (Done as a walk-in service and not accompanied by a bath)

* Nail Trims – $12
* Teeth Brushing – $10
* Anals – $10
* Ear Cleaning – $5
* Dremeling (nail filing) – $19
* Nail Painting – $20
* Face Trims – $15 (to see their beautiful eyes again)
* Pad Shave – $10
* Trimming Tops of Feet – $10
* Terrier Ear Gluing – $25 (this is done as an appointment based on when arrangements can be made)

Walk In Service Hours – We have groomers in the shop on weekdays from 8am – 12pm. We have groomers in the shop on Saturdays from 10am – 1pm.  If you would like to try to come in either before or after these posted hours, please call the shop to make sure there is a groomer present and available.

EXTENDED DAY SERVICE  We offer an Extended Day Service for pets who need to stay the day with us due to their parents work/errand schedule.  For dogs who are at the shop for more than 6 hours; we offer walks, a chew and as much floor/play time as possible for that day.  There is an $8 fee for all Extended Day guests and is only offered as a service with the groom – we do not provide separate day care services.


If you “pre-book” your appointment, we offer teethbrushing as a perk for free.  Pre-Booking is defined as making your next appointment the same day as the previous appointment.


please call us for an individual quote at 773.274.2275 or fill out form and we will contact you with an individual quote.
**quotes are always base price quotes and do not take into consideration matting and behavior.  If your pet is matted enough that we have to shave it before the bath, we charge an automatic preshave charge of AT LEAST $5.  The charge is based on how much time we have to spend before the pet can go into the tub and is reserved for pets that are matted enough they can not thoroughly be cleaned and dried with the current coat.  Pets that are on a regular grooming schedule appropriate to their coat type are not usually subject to this charge without special circumstances.  Special Handling charges can also apply for those pets that are not comfortable with the grooming process.  We do everything in our power to keep your pet safe and balance the health of the haircut.  Sometimes that takes us a bit of extra time and we must charge accordingly.**

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  We do not accept personal checks.