Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

New Service!! Pick-Up and Drop-Off for Grooming Appointments!

Rogers Bark is so excited to announce that we are now offering Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service for weekday appointments!!

We are working with a local neighborhood dog walking company called Tangled Leashes owned by Elizabeth Clausen to help you coordinate your appointments with transportation.

The way it works:

The pick-up service is offered between 7 and 9am in the morning. This means if you have an appointment at 9am or later, you can request Tangled Leashes to come pick up your pet and bring them to us.

The drop-off service is offered between 3:30 and 6pm.  This means you can relax about having to make it back to the shop by a certain time.

You can request one or the other, or you can request a round trip service, in which case, Tangled Leashes will take care of all your transportation needs for your pet that day.

The cost of this service is based on proximity to Rogers Bark.  We have Zones that are based on travel time and are as follows:

Zone 1: North to Howard, West to Ridge, and South to Morse.  One way is $15.  Round Trip is $25.

Zone 2:  North to Main St. in Evanston, West to Western, and South to Granville.  One way is $17.  Round Trip is $29.

Zone 3:  This will be determined on a case by case basis and is dependent upon a travel time of 20mins or less (one way) to the shop.  Please let us know if you would like to be considered for this, and we will map it and figure out how to get it done.  $20 one way and $35 round trip.

*All dogs participating in the pick-up/drop-off services are still subject to the extended day fee on top of the pick-up/drop-off fee if they are at Rogers Bark for more than 6 hours, which will occur with all round trips.

*Individuals should provide a travel crate for transport, but if you cannot provide a travel crate, Tangled Leashes can provide one for your convenience.

*You do not have to be home for Tangled Leashes to provide pick up/drop off service, however key arrangements must be made prior to 24 hours ahead of all pick up/drop off appointments.

Tangled Leashes can also provide trip updates through Doggy Logs, so you can see the route, time of transport and pics and updates.

Please feel free to call the shop and ask questions if you have any and/or would like to schedule your pick-up/drop-off service for your next appointment!