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Fromm Family Foods

A fifth generation family owned & operated company specializing in finely crafted pet food & treats.

Four Star Dog Food: Lamb & Lentil, Beef Frittata, Pork & Peas, Game Bird, Surf & Turf
Canned Dog Food: Shredded Beef, Shredded Pork, Shredded Chicken
Four Star Cat Food: Game Bird, Surf & Turf, Salmon Tunachovy
Treats: Liver Treats



Wellness uses delicious, real-foods like deboned meats, free of added hormones and steroids, wholesome grains and fresh fruits and vegetables to provide the perfect balance of protein, energy, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in the healthiest way possible.
Canned Dog Food: Chicken Stew, Venison & Salmon Stew, Turkey & Duck Stew
Canned Cat Food: Turkey & Salmon, Beef & Chicken, Salmon & Trout, Chicken & Lobster, Turkey Formula


NutriSource is highly digestible for maximum nutrient absorption and each formula is nutritionally complete so more of the concentrated nutrition is retained by your dog.  Nutrisource also has a lower price point than many of the major brands on the market and is therefore a great way to introduce you and your pet to the world of premium quality pet food.

Dog Food:  Chicken and Rice, Lamb and Rice,  Large Breed Lamb and Rice, Large Breed Chicken and Rice, Small/Medium Breed Puppy, Large Breed Puppy, Senior Formula, Heartland Select, Seafood Select, & PureVita Bison Entree.

Cat Food:  PureVita Grain Free Chicken, Pure Vita Grain Free Salmon

Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Dinners:
Stella & Chewy’s believes that the right food (and a lot of love) can promote a pet’s health and well-being. Their goal was to create a commercial pet food that would be as good as what they could make at home. So with the help of veterinary nutritionists, they created frozen dinners.

Frozen Recipes: Chewy’s Chicken Dinner, Duck Duck Goose, Stella’s Super Beef, Dandy Lamb, Surf & Turf, Absolutely Rabbit, Phenomenal Pheasant, & Simply Venison.
Freeze Dried Recipes: Stella’s Super Beef, Chewy’s Chicken, Surf ‘N Turf , Dandy Lamb

Limited Ingredient Diets

For some pets, less is more. Our Limited Ingredient Diets are made with only pure, simple, essential ingredients that have been carefully chosen for their nutritional value and high digestibility. Each diet provides grain-free, gluten-free nutrition with one protein and one simple starch, combined with just a few other wholesome, natural ingredients. Fewer ingredients make it easy to manage what your pet eats – or doesn’t eat – everyday.
Dog Food: LID Turkey, LID Duck, LID Lamb
Canned Dog Food: Homestyle Beef & Bison, Healthy Weight Salmon, LID Turkey
Cat Food: Rabbit Meal Formula, Duck & Turkey Meal Formula


Good nutrition means eating foods each day that will give valued pets the vitamins, minerals, and other things they need to keep their bodies strong. It means pets eat foods that give them enough calories to have a healthy body weight. It means pets getting enough protein to keep their bodies built up and repair any damage they may have.
Canned Cat Food: Rabbit, Duck, Turkey

Tiki Cat:

Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food was the first true gourmet cat food to hit the market, featuring grain-free, human grade, whole shredded or sliced meats and seafood.  Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Foods are the lowest carbohydrate canned formulas on the market, and lower in carbohydrates than any raw diet.

Tiki Cat Recipes:  Tuna in crab surimi consomme, Tuna on rice with prawns, Tuna on rice with calamari

Grain Free: Mackerel & Sardine in calamari consomme, Succulent Chicken in chicken consomme, Ahi Tuna with prawns in, Tuna consomme, Sardine Cutlets in lobster consomme, Ahi Tuna, Ahi Tuna & Mackerel in tuna consomme, Wild Salmon & Chicken in chicken consomme, Wild Salmon in salmon consomme, Ahi Tuna & Chicken in chicken consomme, Succulent Chicken with egg in chicken consomme, Beef Liver and Chicken
Check out our excellend mixed cases as well!

Canine Butcher Shop Bones Born in the U.S.A.

Bones, Rawhides, Chews. Canine Butcher Shop is a brand of
US made dog bones, dog chews, and dog treats —
manufactured in Chicago with only US raw materials.

– Classic

Super bouncy and irresistible. Kong’s red rubber compound is
irresistible to most dogs. Available in several sizes. Works great stuffed with treats and pastes.
We also have an eclectic selection of other rubber designs by Kong.

From huge to tiny… NO pet is forgotten at Loopies®
which is why Loopies come in a wide variety of sizes. Large – Medium – Small – Smaller –
and finally TINY!…and it gets better! We don’t stop at one squeaker. Many toys come
with MULTIPLE squeakers, or other type of noisemaker, to keep your pet entertained
for longer periods of time.

Mendota Slip Leads
A high quality slip lead
in a variety of colors


Sentry Natural Defense Flea & Tick

an all natural topical alternative to
chemical flea & tick medication


Pawz Dog Boots

A 100% Biodegradable Boot
comes in many different sizes


Tropiclean Fresh Breath Products – Works fast and naturally to help reduce plaque and tartar on dogs and cats — no toothbrush required. A proprietary blend of natural, holistic ingredients produce a healthy oral environment. Kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Soothes minor gum irritations.




Revolutionizing the game of Fetch, they created the most fun, functional, innovative,and high-quality interactive play toys.  They are proud to promote activities for canine fitness which enhance the human-canine bond.

Earth Rated Poop Bags was created to help care for the environment and to make picking up poop a little more fun – all while keeping your pocketbook happy.

Earth Rated Poop Bags

Planet Dog Products

Our mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate… all in the name of the dog. We “romp the romp” by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues, creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products, and keeping the tails of “our pack” wagging.


ZogoFlex Dog Toys

“Indestructible dog toy” is a common review we receive from our customers. Our unique line of toys made from the amazing Zogoflex® material are certainly strong – the strongest we’ve found for power chewers. So, while we feel complimented to get these customer reviews,  and we too have not found a more durable, long lasting dog toy… we still believe there is no such thing as an “indestructible dog toy.”

Aussie Naturals Dog Toys

Our mission has been to create Green & Earth Friendly Pet Gear.  By using: jute, wool, cotton, coconut fiber, natural gum-rubber, and leather in our products, we are ensuring a long and healthy eco-sustainable future.  Our continued pursuit to create products that minimize our carbon footprint, drive us on a daily basis.  It is, “Good for the Dog, Good for the Planet, Good for the Wallet”

Paw Brothers Grooming Tools

a low-priced, decent quality grooming tool for basic home maintenance.


Cat Supplies
we keep a assortment of various cat toys. Please call or
stop by the shop for our current selection.

Other Stuff We Carry includes:
Tropiclean Shampoos
Specialty Pet Products Odor-Enzyme Eating Candles